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Hire the Perfect Speaker....Every Time

A remarkable opening keynote presentation uplifts any business gathering. The right speaker sends a compelling targeted message that stimulates conversation, creates a positive buzz, and sets the tone for your entire event. People today are busy, so when you ask them to attend your company meeting or association conference, you need to be sure you deliver both the sizzle and the steak.

Dynamic Specialty Speakers in Every Price Range

We specialize in finding keynote speakers and training facilitators who speak to the most pressing concerns of retailers, manufacturers and contract based service companies and associations. With 25 years of front line experience in marketing and managing specialty companies and associations, we speak your language and understand exactly the kinds of presenters you need to make your meeting a success.

We invest the time to understand your business, your attendees, and the strategic outcomes you hope to achieve from your event. Then we help you select the perfect speaker or training facilitator, within your budget, who can connect with your audience, and deliver a memorable presentation with power, punch and pizzazz. We only suggest speakers who have mastery of their subject, and possess the confidence, poise and professionalism to drive your message home.

Management Training and Master Class Seminars

We offer a wide range of executive seminars, conference break-out sessions, on-site sales and management training, and in-depth strategic planning programs from the best educators in the business community. All of our training programs and master class seminars are custom-tailored to achieve specific, measurable results within the culture of your organization. We also develop industry specific content and training certification programs for association conferences and trade shows.

Signature Services Standing Ovations

Why hire the Deborah Smith Group to help you find a keynote speaker for your next business meeting?
  • We specialize in finding speakers and training programs that speak directly to the most pressing concerns of specialty and luxury company and association audiences.
  • We are proud to represent hundreds of speakers, from best selling authors and business leaders to lesser known presenters and entrepreneurs who do an outstanding job at lower costs.
  • There is no charge to you, and you don't pay more when you engage us for your speaker selection services. .
  • We add value through our years of experience, our knowledge of the specialty speaker marketplace, and our practiced, intuitive ability to find exactly the right speaker for every client, every time.
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Executive Management Seminars: The Master Class Series

Companies seeking to excel need to achieve competence in all areas of the organization. At the Deborah Smith Group, we have developed a world class repertoire of cutting edge management training seminars designed to help owners run more profitable businesses.
  • Our master class workshops offer in-depth executive training in key areas of the business, with comprehensive written materials to help you and your managers easily implement what you learn.
  • Master class seminars address all areas of specialty sales, marketing and operations. Seminar topics include: Purchasing, Vendor Relations, Merchandising, Negotiating, Selling, and Sales Management, Team Building, Time Management, Systems and Operations, the Role of the CEO, Enhancing the Customer Experience, and many more.
  • All seminars can be run in one to three hour formats, either in-house, as Conference break-out sessions, or at annual dealer and buying group meetings.
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Relationship Based Selling Skills Program

However well your advertising and marketing efforts work to attract customers to your business, sales are won and lost where the rubber meets the road, when a customer interacts with your sales team.
  • Our proprietary sales and sales management program produces tangible, sustainable results, even for luxury and specialty companies whose legacy and culture issues are solidly ingrained.
  • We work closely with you to customize every aspect of the training to insure you see the results you need to increase sales.
  • Our best outcomes involve on-site, two day training sessions that include the entire company, with the owner waving the flag and committing fully to the initiative
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Get Clients Now! TM

Get Clients Now! is a 28 day marketing and referral program designed to help service professionals and contracting businesses fill the sales pipeline with new business every 90 days. This is truly one of the all time great programs.
  • Easy to understand cookbook formula.
  • Participants choose from a list of proven strategies and tactics to create a list of ten specific marketing activities they will do everyday, for 28 days.
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