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Marketing the Specialty Message

Are you completely satisfied with the results you're getting from your current marketing efforts? Over time, has your brand presence deteriorated to become a hodge podge of disparate elements that send a confusing message to your customers? Have new competitors entered your market space, eroding the value of your unique selling proposition? Is someone in your company in charge of the complete customer experience? If you answered yes to any of these questions, The Deborah Smith Group can perform a Fresh Eyes Audit to evaluate your total brand presentation, and help you create a plan to energize every service and marketing experience you deliver.

Stand Out From the Crowd

Today's competitive market place demands a new, more rigorous response from specialty companies determined to become or remain market leaders. New trends, higher customer expectations and the relentless march of new technology require a more nimble, innovative approach to sales and marketing, and an unwavering commitment to upgrade and improve every aspect of internal operations and customer service. The ability to create desire, and successfully differentiate your message, products and services will determine the breadth and speed of growth your company can attain.

Create a Grand Brand

Whether you need help with positioning strategy, brand alignment, logo and web design, marketing materials, store or showroom design, promotional ideas, inventory management, vendor relations, or sales and management training, we can help you chart a path and look your best to attract and serve a loyal base of new and repeat customers. We address all areas of specialty sales, marketing, and operations, and offer long and short term strategic market planning and implementation services.

Signature Services
The Fresh Eyes Brand Audit

Your brand is who you are, what you believe in and what you promise your customers. That's why every aspect of the customer experience needs to reflect that. You will be amazed what a fresh pair of expert eyes can show you about where your brand is in and out of alignment, and what to do about it.
  • We review and analyze all aspects of your company's public face.
  • We present you with a comprehensive summary report that identifies problem areas, and offers short and long term solutions for upgrading and unifying your total brand presentation.
  • We perform Fresh Eyes Brand Audits for specialty retail, manufacturing, and service companies, as well as for industry associations and specialty buying groups.
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Get your business noticed with a logo that communicates the essence of who you are. A successful logo is instantly recognizable and communicates the culture and value proposition of your company.
  • We help you develop a complete identity package that creates brand recognition in every visible facet of your business, association, or conference event.
  • We can help you evolve an outdated logo to preserve your core message, update your image, and give clear voice to your unique brand proposition.
  • We design logo's and identity packages for virtually any profit or non-profit business, service company, or association.
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Everyone knows how important a professional web presence is to a generation of customers who will visit your site to learn more about your products and services...and form judgements about your competency, trustworthiness, and services. The very best websites are well organized, easy to navigate, and expressive of your company's brand position.
  • We can help you design or upgrade your current website to become an inviting destination for both new and existing customers.
  • We develop your site to become an effective marketing tool that prompts interested clients to contact you.
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Strategic Market Planning and Marketing Services

From years of experience in specialty retail and association management, we know first hand the kinds of issues and challenges owners face as they try to grow their companies.
  • We can help you solve both strategic and tactical problems to improve performance in every area of your specialty business - marketing, advertising, purchasing, inventory control, vendor relations, promotion, merchandising, store design, training salespeople, streamlining operations to reduce costs, negotiating better deals with key vendors, and creating compelling customer experiences.
  • We can help turn your specialty retail, manufacturing, or service-based business into a well oiled, professional, profit producing enterprise.
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Association and Buying Group Programs

The Deborah Smith Group can help any specialty trade association or buying group define strategic goals, make the transition to professional management , and explore new opportunities to add value, clout, and profits for your members.
  • Our results-oriented strategic planning process guides boards and planning committees step by step through a total evaluation of your brand as it is today, the competitive landscape, opportunities for growth, and action plans to make your vision a reality.
  • We help you upgrade core member benefits, negotiate better group deals, design turn-key marketing and training programs, revitalize membership drives, and develop effective sponsorship and PR strategies.
  • We also help you design compelling agendas, content, and networking venues for group meetings and conferences.
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IPM: Ideas per Minute Brainstorm
Idea Generation and Creative Problem Solving Sessions

Deborah Smith has the unique ability to spontaneously generate scores of creative business and marketing ideas in the course of conversation and in the context of business planning meetings. In this capacity, many of our clients invite her to take part in day long strategy sessions or to meet individually, in two hour blocks of time, or over meals, with company owners, or senior retail, manufacturing, association, or publishing executives to brainstorm out of the box solutions for a wide range of new business projects.

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