The Deborah Smith Group

Breathe New Life into Your Next Company Meeting

Meetings, conferences, and special events are an integral part of doing business today. Done well, they do more to improve your brand image, enhance your value to your best customers, and position you as a trusted business partner than any other activity you might consider. Done poorly, you run the risk of undermining years of relationship building and hard won brand positioning.

The fact is, most businesses are most adept at doing what they do well, not necessarily at conference planning, design and production. The Deborah Smith Group can help you produce a first class meeting, conference or event that gets the job done on the very highest level. We supply the expertise you need to look great and communicate your specific message to the people who matter most.

Create the Ultimate Conference Experience

Great conferences have the potential to create synergy and release powerful energy into any group. To achieve a seamless confluence of people, ideas, and purpose requires careful planning, exacting attention to detail, and a complete understanding of smart meeting technology. Successful programs combine motivating, inspired educational presentations with well orchestrated events that facilitate networking and engage participants in a personal way. We work diligently to understand your culture and the demographics of your audience to create programs that achieve consistently excellent results.

Behind the Scenes
  • Program Design, Planning, Production Services
  • Budgeting, Content Planning, Meeting Flow
  • Hotel Site Selection, Contract Negotiation Services
On Stage
  • Logo, Promotion, Presentation Graphics
  • Stage Set and Lighting Design
  • Entertainment, Party, Leisure Activity Planning

Signature Services Fresh Eyes Conference Review

Even the most successful annual meetings need a periodic facelift to keep the experience fresh for people who attend every year. The Deborah Smith Group can perform a Fresh Eyes Conference Review to help you upgrade and reinvent every element of your meeting or event.
  • We can attend your conference to see for ourselves what's not working and where you can improve.
  • We survey your attendees by mail and phone.
  • We work with you to develop big ideas for new program formats and creative solutions to transform your meeting into the talk of your industry.
  • We help you design exciting new registration materials and a comprehensive PR campaign to create interest and desire for all of your upcoming meetings and events.
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Manufacturer Dealer Meetings that Make a Difference

Stand out from the crowd with a rich seamless, on-target company or dealer meeting that will keep them talking for years.
  • We work closely with you to plan and design every aspect of your event to make sure you communicate your company message in an upbeat professional style.
  • We help you achieve your sales agenda, AND add value for your dealers by offering business education sessions that help them run more profitable companies...and become better trading partners for you.
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Double Your Profits Strategic Planning Conference Programs
The Ultimate Business Growth Plan

Double Your Profits is a comprehensive strategic planning process developed by Mira International to help companies and associations define and achieve specific long and short term profit objectives.
  • The program can be completely customized for any industry and can form the foundation for the most meaningful, memorable one, two, three, or four day conference program you will ever deliver.
  • The agenda is organized into five sections, each focused on strengthening performance in the key functional areas of your organization: Market, Organization, Technology, People, and Capital.
  • Each participant leaves with a set of practical strategies for doubling profits in two years or less, and action planning software to implement the plan.
  • We can also create a customized Strategic Planning Workbook and Operations Manual for any company, association, or industry.
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