The Deborah Smith Group

Deborah Smith is the founder and President of The Deborah Smith Group. For over twenty-five years her business career has spanned all areas of specialty goods and services. As the Executive Director of PARA, the Professional AudioVideo Retailers Association, she became an industry leader in the world of specialty consumer electronics.

During her tenure at PARA, the association tripled in size. added benefits, and created educational opportunities for independents to learn how to market and run more professional, profitable businesses. For twelve years, she designed, promoted and produced their annual management Conference that grew from less than 200 to over 500 attendees and became viewed in the industry as THE prestige management event of the year.

She has placed keynote speakers at major events, and developed conference programs and meetings for many prominent specialty companies.

Prior to her industry role at PARA, Deborah was the Vice President at Tweeter, a New England based retailer of upscale consumer electronics. For six years she was responsible for all marketing, purchasing, and store merchandising efforts as this highly successful company grew significantly. In the years before Tweeter, she worked as the General Manager for Harvey Electronics in New York City, responsible for sales and store operations in this upscale specialty retail chain.

Deborah has written numerous business articles and is a frequent contributor to virtually every major trade publication in the consumer electronics industry. Currently, Deborah has just finished editing a major strategic planning and operations manual for specialty dealers. She continues to speak to major industry groups on the subjects of marketing and strategic planning, facilitates educational planning initiatives for the CE industry, and delivers all day workshops for buyers, advertising executives, and sales managers of specialty companies. In 2001, Smith was awarded TWICE Lifetime Achievement award for Excellence and Achievement in the Consumer Electronics Industry.